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Social Media Marketing – Know How & Why?

Friends, what is social media marketing, why is it done and what is the benefit of this marketing process, you may have thought about these questions once. In this way, social media marketing is a part or type of digital marketing. You know exactly what you mean by social media. Every day we use various apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube on mobile or computer – these are some of the most popular social media platforms. And using these social media platforms for advertising various products or services is Social Media Marketing.

This is famous and like many others use the social media platform. We talk to a lot of unknown people ‍and express my mind through pictures, videos, and status. But, in many cases, social media has become one of the most powerful means of “online marketing”. Social media is being used for the promotion of products, brands, services.

Online marketing is where we promote our products, services, business, or anything to people who are active on the internet online, can inform them or get a buyer for the products. Now, a large number of people who are active online use social media platforms. Therefore, promoting a product or business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube is proving to be very profitable.

In addition, people at home can easily see the business, product, or service you are promoting or marketing and, the whole thing will be through the internet and social media. Today, every company or brand has social media profiles. They are promoting their product, service, business, or brand through their Facebook page, Twitter profile, or YouTube channel, to the many people who are active on social media.

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So, if you have a blog or website or if you are a business owner, who wants to promote products, you can create a profile or page on various social media platforms and do the marketing of products or services through Social Media Marketing and you will find the customer by sitting at home.

What Is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a technique whereby product brand awareness is spread to targeting people who are active on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other platforms or marketing different products, services, and businesses.

This advertising process targets many people who are active online or on social media. So, it is considered one of the best mediums of digital marketing. With social media advertising, you can promote any brand, item or service, anywhere online in the world. Because, with the increase in the number of people using the Internet, people are using these social media sites or apps more widely.

Social media advertising is a process where we run a kind of paid marketing by advertising ads related to our products across different social media platforms. If you are a businessman, you can easily promote your product, service, or promotion of any business using social media marketing in any city, country, or place near you. All is possible with your smartphone. Moreover, the chance of getting a customer at home for your product increases significantly.

How do Social Media Marketing?

The rules or processes of social media marketing are very simple. Here you just have to survive some of the platforms in which a large number of people are active online. For example, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Now, before marketing or promoting, you have to create a profile, page, channel, or community of your brand or product name. You can do it all for free.

Promote-your-business-brand-service-and-products-using-Social-Media. Image: Unsplash

Now, after creating a profile, group, or page on different social media sites or apps, your purpose is to increase the number of followers on them. Remember, the greater the number of followers increased, your page or profile will become more popular. Now, from time to time keep posting or promoting news, updates, offers, or new products & services related to your business, product, or service on your social media pages or profiles.

In this, your followers who are active on social media will be able to see your promotions and will be marketing your business or brand at home from the free. This way, you can create an online significance of your business or brand on the Internet. It will slowly get people to know about your business and make people have a better brand image.

If you are a blogger, you can promote articles written on your blog through this. Moreover, through this, you will get a lot of social traffic on your blog.

Marketing by YouTube

YouTube has today become a marketing medium that can easily do your job. On the Internet, YouTube is the second most used website. Today millions of people come to YouTube to find solutions to their problems through video. Frankly, knowing about anything through video is pretty easy and straightforward. So, you can create a YouTube channel on your own for free, and then make videos on your business, brand, product, or service. In it, you can easily advertise, promote your business through video.

YouTube Video Marketing is most important for Social Media Marketing. Image: Unsplash

If you can increase the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel, your brand, blog or business will have a much better online value. Moreover, many companies advertise or promote their product through videos on other YouTube channels that have thousands of subscribers. However, the channel owners got payments to promote or advertise through this.

With just one video, you can let millions of people know about your brand, business, or product all at once. As long as that video is on YouTube, your promotion will continue to be. So, you know, how profitable it can be for any business or product marketing or advertising through video on YouTube. “YouTube Video Marketing” is very important for your successful social media marketing strategy.

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Nowadays students, businessmen, private workers, government employees, or older people are also using social media. Therefore, by advertising using social media, we can reach millions of people easily. In addition, there are many benefits that can only be achieved through social media marketing. Below I tell you about the 5 best and most important benefits of social media marketing.


1. Promotion of anything is possible:

You can promote any type of business or product. Today, different people are bringing different products into their own homes, marketing them, and selling them on social media. Therefore, you can easily promote your business or product through social media marketing.

2. Low cost Paid Advertisement:

Marketing or promotion is possible on social media at a low cost. You can do most of the process yourself and for free. You simply have to create profiles or pages on social media platforms. Then you can let people know about your product or business free of charge and give updates from time to time. But, if you want to show more ads on social media, then this is possible with paid advertising. But in this, you have to spend some money. Even though it costs money, compared to the methods of physical marketing, it is much less costly marketing or promotion.

3. Targeted Promotion or Marketing:

With physical marketing, we can never promote an advertisement targeting a particular person. That means, if you place an ad on the side of the road or behind a leak, you have no idea who will see that ad and who will not. But, in promotion via social media, you will have options in hand.

That means, you can choose the type of ads you want to target, how long you want the ads to run, the ads to be shown, the age of their ads and they can be selected automatically ‍and ads can be shown to people’s interest and needs. So, you know for yourself, if you advertise or market online social media by focusing on all of these things, then you can target one and a half customers to your targeted business.

4. Easily get Consumer or Buyer:

What I said above, compared to another physical advertisement, In social media marketing or advertising, we can easily run ads to target audience, place, age, interested person. In this case, showing ads to such well-targeted people increases the chance of getting more conversions or subscribers. And this is how thousands of people today are getting targeted customers for their businesses.

5. Growing Brand Awareness

Before we buy anything today, we must look at the brand or company name of the item. A good brand means more trust to customers. So, with social media marketing, you can create a good image of your brand. You can take your brand and company to the people of the country and anywhere. Compared to older marketing, promotion on social media has many benefits.


Why Social Media Marketing?

Today there are many competitions of every business or product. I mean, today a single business is done by many people. In this case, if you want to get more customers for your business, brand, or product, you need to do something different. In this case, social media marketing will help you a lot. You can easily promote your business to people who are active on the Internet and social media. And this online marketing will help many to know about your brand and business.

This way, you will have more marketing than your competitors, and your business will lead to success. So, whether your business or product is small or big, this digital marketing process can help you a lot.

A designer, blogger, marketer and day dreamer. Since 2012 I have been involved in the world of designing. Designsfest is essentially about designing and I have the intention of being involved.


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