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14 Best Ideas for YouTube Videos – Earn Money Online

One of the best ways to earn money online is to create YouTube videos. By creating creative and different videos, you can earn money by opening channels on YouTube and start to upload those videos. Think about what’s topic-based videos you are going to make. Don’t get any Idea! No problem, here we have listed 14 top and best ideas for your YouTube videos. You can start with anything. By making and uploading videos to YouTube, there are many people who are earning millions.

Famous YouTube star Felix Kjellberg earned almost $15 million USD from YouTube per year. His YouTube channel is named PewDiePie. The current number of subscribers to its channel is 100.6 million. What video did he make? Nothing too big, play games online and take screen records of them. But he does a special thing, that is, besides playing games, he makes commentary. He doesn’t do much anymore, but he earns millions of dollars a year from YouTube.

Yuya is a Mexican beauty blogger, who makes Beauty Tips videos only and earns $6 million USD per year from YouTube. Even his videos are all in his own language, in Mexican. The Mexican girl showed it is possible to gain popularity worldwide by making videos even with languages other than English. Really it’s very difficult to earn from YouTube making videos in other languages than English. But Mexican beauty blogger Yuya who has not yet finished her studies has done this difficult thing. I have written before about 5 simple tips for students to earn money online besides studying, Mexican beauty blogger Yuya has raised herself to the brink of fame in addition to her huge earning.

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Choose your Best Ideas For YouTube Videos

Out of the thousands of Ideas, the 10 best ideas for YouTube videos I will mention today are the most in-demand. Start making videos on the topic you are skilled and most experienced with that and you love to win. In order to make significant revenue from YouTube, you have to get lots of subscribers and viewers. Most the YouTubers don’t think about good ideas, make a video about unnecessary things. As a result, it does not get enough viewers.

Many YouTubers cut videos from television drama, or give away the whole drama. It’s copyright infringement on the one hand and lost viewers for don’t have their own creativity. As a result, it does not get enough viewers. So work on something that is your creation. And if that’s good, funny, or useful to people, people will watch your video, subscribe to your channel. And you can easily earn a living at home like everyone else.

Create videos about testy Food Recipes

There is a great demand for videos of testy food recipes on YouTube. Many people just browse YouTube to watch recipe videos. And like others, you can take this opportunity. If you are a good cooker, and if you have the good quality of presenting them beautifully, you can certainly earn from YouTube.

Watch a video from popular YouTube cooking channel VahChef, where is well presenting of making pizza, that you will be impressed. This video has already received 1.6M views.

Make Videos for Luxury Eateries

There are many good restaurants in which you also occasionally sit down to eat with friends. Make a good deal with any restaurant cooker, take a recipe from him, or make a video of his recipe with him. You will get a lot of visitors. Also, there are street food shops along the street outside the city and in the city where people are crowded for food. These shops also make food on the streets, in front of people. Video the process of their cooking and upload these videos to your channel. You will get many beautiful videos without any hassle.

Watch a video on Pakistani Street Food below. The video has been viewed more than 9.9 million times in the 5 months since uploading and the number is constantly increasing.

Create Mobile Review Videos

Are you a mobile addict? Always like to buy new mobile and accustomed? Do you like to research mobile features and gadgets? Then start creating mobile review videos. Whenever you buy a new mobile, you can make videos about the features, gadgets, and advantages of the mobile.

I can guarantee that you will be able to cover the cost of buying your mobile from a review video. Not only that, if your review is interesting, if you can catch the attention of others, However, you will find that some companies will contact you to review their mobiles. See a review of ‘Samsung Galaxy A50‘ in an Indian channel below.

Make Product Reviews or Unboxing Videos

You can create a review video of any product, not just mobile. Bought a laptop? or speaker, or bought any electronics product? Make a review video about the use of the product, features, and good or bad aspects of this product. If the product is good, you can cover it with video Affiliate links on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart or Snapdeal.

Create Fitness Videos

You must be health-conscious, go to the gym regularly to keep your body fit. No matter how you seek health care, capture videos, and make tutorials of fitness, that will be of interest to others. Upload a variety of fitness videos on YouTube. Can create videos on a special exercise. You can highlight the benefits of that exercise, Can give tips to people on whats need to get it done correctly. Here you can watch a video from a popular fitness channel that got 14M views.

Create “How to” Videos

You can create videos on trending topics such as, ‘How’ to do, ‘How’ to use, ‘How’ to run, ‘How’ to manage, etc. This topic is very big and its demand is huge. Whatever people search online, 50% of it is occupied by the ‘how to’. From solving simple computer problems to removing ordinary cloth stains, thousands of ‘how to’ videos can be created. Watch a video below – “How to Tie a Tie” and this video got 60 million views.

Make Videos about Music

If you are a musician and if you can play keyboard, guitar, flute, violin, or any musical instrument, then show your talent and upload the videos of your playing moments on YouTube. Musical chat with friends? Make a video of it or create a music tutorial. Create a tutorial on guitar playing, create violin or keyboard tutorials. Any instrument tutorials have a lot of demand on YouTube.

Create a Screen Recording Videos

You may often have to set up some software on the computer. Record the screen of the setup. There is a great demand for tutorial-based videos. Most people now have computers and the number is increasing. People are constantly having problems with computer setup or other problems. Make a video on the solution to the problems that people usually face, no doubt you will find plenty of viewers. Watch a video of Photoshop Tutorials which are viewed 3.3M times.

Create Online Tutorial Videos

Almost all the people of the country use the Internet now, few spend time every day online. To make it easier for people to use online, you can create online video tutorials for them. Although in Google search, we can find any solutions for online problems, But people are more likely to watch solutions rather than read. You can make a video using a special use of Facebook. You can create tutorial videos with Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.

Website creation, Windows setup, Windows problem solving, WordPress setup, domain setup, etc. There are many things that you can publish tutorial videos about them and easily raise your subscribers on YouTube. Watch a video above of Photoshop Tutorials which are viewed 3.3M times.

Make Funny Videos

People naturally like to laugh. Most YouTube users like to watch ‘Prank’ videos ‍and these videos are in high demanded. This type of video quickly goes viral. Have fun with friends, relatives, or colleges, and with a third person can record videos of them. Or you can secretly capture many funny scenes using the spy camera.

Create Gaming Videos

There is a huge market for gaming videos across YouTube. Many people spend their leisure time playing video games or watching gaming videos. You can also enter the market if you are addicted to playing games. We spend some time in the day playing games. Record your playing moments and secret tricks. PewDiePie just became a millionaire today by playing video games and uploading videos of them on YouTube.

Make Travel Videos

You may often visit with friends and family infamous tourist places. Whether you’re traveling by train, bus or launch – record everything from starting to returning. Make a nice video mixing charming music and upload it on YouTube. These videos will help you to travel to others and will bring you extra income.

Create Movie Review Videos

You must have seen many movies in your life? Some movies have given you a mood, some movies have given you great joy, some movies have made you miserable, some movies have been perfectly aligned with your thoughts, some have been very upset with the movie. Create a review video on any movie that you like, good or bad feelings, and more.

You can also create movie listings. For example – 10 Best Horror Movies, 10 Best Scenes of Movies that can be Real, The Best 10 Romantic Movies, Scene Breakdown, etc.

Make Videos of Human Experience

You might not be able to interview the big celebrities in the media. But you can interview ordinary people around you, can’t you? Interview ordinary people, ask people questions about different aspects of their lives, and take video records. Bring as much love, unforgettable, frightening, funny, or bitter experiences to their life as you can into your video. This is not just about earning from YouTube, it will also help motivate others. For example, if you interview a successful businessman you know, others will try to succeed.

Hopefully, you will find these simple ideas for creating YouTube videos. If you like one of the ideas, be sure to share it in the timeline.

A designer, blogger, marketer and day dreamer. Since 2012 I have been involved in the world of designing. Designsfest is essentially about designing and I have the intention of being involved.


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