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Can’t find your Fiverr Gigs on Fiverr? How to rank Fiverr Gig?

Can’t find your Fiverr Gigs on Fiverr? You have made your own gigs after a lot of research, but disappointed! If you search on Fiverr, your gigs can’t be found anywhere! Why? I will give some tips today, I hope they will come in handy. You can find your gigs easily and rank your gigs on Fiverr.

If you work at Fiverr regularly, you need to understand how Fiverr works and how to make money on Fiverr. I think he made some gigs with a lot of effort in Fiverr, but he can’t rank them and even if he searches, the gigs are not showing on the first 20 pages. Because, no matter what you search for in Fiverr, or go to any category or subcategory, Fiverr never shows more than 20 gigs at most.

Can't find your fiverr gig

Find your Fiverr Gigs

If Fiverr has 48 gigs per page, then the total number of gigs on 20 pages is 48 x 20 = 960. This means that a buyer can no longer see more than 960 gigs on Fiverr! So where did the rest of the gigs go?

Many people can’t find their gig even after showing ‘active’ everywhere. This is the reason many times. Due to this, Fiverr rotates the gigs by itself after some time, as if everyone has a chance to come back. Because Fiverr has to keep the result limited to 20 pages. So, when will there be a chance to get more benefits? When you find a keyword or category or subcategory where more than 960 results have not yet been given.

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What will be the benefit? Your gig is always available but can be found anytime within the top 20 pages. As a result, you do not have to read too much in rotation. That is, your service is not lost, even for a moment. So, the type of work you do, try to keep this in mind all the time to choose your gig keywords. I hope you will benefit from this. Because of this, when a category gets bigger, Fiverr offers new sub-categories, so that this hassle can be overcome and more opportunities can be created.

Now, what if you don’t have a chance to choose such a keyword, category, or subcategory? Then all you have to do is increase your skills. When your gig buyer is not clicking, be patient, your gig is coming to any of those 20 pages of Fiverr.

How to rank Fiverr Gig?

How to rank Fiverr Gig? How do I get more orders on Fiverr? That’s the question everyone thinks about working on Fiverr. We all know how much competition there is in the Fiverr Marketplace at the present time. There are a lot of sellers on the same service and lots of gig posts. But buyers will understand their work by ordering the best gigs out of these gigs. Of course, in this case, the buyer will first select the gig at the top of the rank with a search for a specific job. So you understand how important it is to get gig rank. If you can gig rank, you will get a lot more impressions, views, clicks and this will increase your chances of getting an order many times over.

Here are some tips and tricks to get gig rankings

Fiverr has many algorithms based on which they rank a gig. But here are some key tips and tricks that will help you rank your gig.

1) Find the seed keyword: First, find out the seed keyword of the service you are providing. For example, if you have a “video editing” service, then your seed keyword is “Video Editing”. Now search on Fiverr with this keyword. Now do a little research and check the good gigs on this service.

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2) Put the seed keyword in the title of your gig: A good and seed keyword title of your gig will make your gig ranking much easier. For example, our seed keyword was “Video Editing”, so we have to put this keyword in the title and give a beautiful title. Example: “I will do professional video editing”.

3) Put the seed keyword in your gig description: Write a full and beautiful gig description of your gig, so that your service is beautifully presented to the buyer. Enter your seed keyword 2-3 times (remember not more than 3 times) in this description. It is best if you can give 1 time or 2 times. The keyword should blend naturally into the text. It doesn’t look like you’ve intentionally added the keyword unnecessarily.

4) Gig tag: The most important thing to rank a gig in the Fiverr search is the gig tag. You will have the opportunity to use 5 tags for a gig in Fiverr. These are the 5 tags buyers will search for and find you. So which tags are best for your gig and most used in Fiverr. Research it from other gigs.

5) Gig Review: The more positive reviews you have in Gig on Fiverr, the better you can rank. So always try to give the best service. To collect more 5 star reviews from the buyer, so that your gig ranks well in Fiverr.

6) Bookmarks: To bookmark every gig on Fiverr, there is a “Red Love” sign at the top of the gig. If the buyer or someone likes your gig and saves it for later use, it can play an important role in your gig rank.

7) Social Share: Always share your Fiverr gig on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. This will increase your gig’s impressions, views, and clicks. If you do not get the order, the search will still have some effect. In this case, try to build your social media profiles and increase the number of followers or connect.

Here are some things to look for when selecting your gig: Also try to stay online longer, try to keep order complete rate, delivery on-time rate, and response time just right.

Above all, Fiverr is constantly being updated, so stay tuned and stay connected. All new Fiverr tips and updates will be shared on our blog.

I am concluding by wishing good luck to all. Stay well, stay healthy. Read the mask, keep the family safe. Happy Freelancing!

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