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What is Email Marketing? How To Do Email Marketing?

Many people today want to know more about what is Email Marketing and how to do Email Marketing? Because online, there are many easy and profitable ways of marketing any product or service digitally on the Internet. Email marketing is an online marketing technique whereby you will be able to find many products for your product or content at home via email. You don’t have to go anywhere to market your product. This is the power of Email Marketing, its a sub sector of Digital Marketing.

Today, all the old-fashioned marketing processes are slowly coming to an end and people are getting involved in digital marketing to make their business much less time consuming. With Digital Marketing we can achieve success in our business without spending much less time and less money. Because it works via the Internet and can spread the word about your new business or service to many people in less time.

There are many ways to do digital marketing. Among those methods are social media marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, online advertising. However, in addition to these, Email Marketing has proved to be the most profitable medium of digital marketing. So, let’s not waste too much time, we will know in today’s article – What is Email Marketing, What will be the benefit of Email Marketing and How to do Email Marketing, etc.

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We will know about some of the best email marketing tools that we can use to promote our business or any service through email marketing for free.

What is Email Marketing?

Before you know about email marketing, you need to first know what marketing is. Marketing means promoting or trying to sell your business, product or service through various methods or processes. Email marketing is the process of marketing the product, offer, business or service we promote through E-mail. This is a very famous section of Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing.

What is Email Marketing

For promotion or marketing, we generally use email. Just like how we send an email to someone. But, at this point we only send one mail to one-to-one. However, through email marketing, we send an email to many people at once. There are many big blogs, websites or companies on the Internet, almost all of which promote their business, product or online service using email marketing. They are benefiting greatly.

Some of the Benefits of Email Marketing
  1. Most of the newest customers are available via the Internet through email marketing.
  2. This methods can bring in thousands of visitors or traffic to blogs and websites.
  3. By sending just one email through email marketing, it is possible to inform people about any new video, blog article, product or business.
  4. This medium is much cheaper and less expensive than other digital marketing methods. You can use this methods for free using some free email marketing tools.
  5. Email marketing is much easier and the profits are much greater.

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How to do Email Marketing

How to do Email Marketing?

First of all, I want to explain to you an example of how to do email marketing. Suppose you have a new product or service in the market and you want to inform or market it to people. Beyond that, you want to market your new offer or benefit of a product. You only need to inform people about your product or service via email. Then if they are interested, then of course they will buy or be interested in your product or service.

You need to write in the mail about your own offer, business or service, just like the email we normally write. Write the mail so that people can understand the subject of your email later. Finally, if the email is written, you will have to send this email to thousands of peoples email id. Email marketing lets you promote your new business, business offer, product or service to thousands of people in just minutes.

Some Rules of Email Marketing

Email marketing means sending your own custom email to another email id. However, you cannot use services like Gmail, Yahoo or outlook for marketing. Because, you can only send a certain number of emails from Gmail or another free email account. It could be that your email account can be blocked by Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook for suspecting email spamming to send email to thousands of people at once.

So what to do now? How to do email marketing by sending email to thousands of people at once? What is the way? You have to use some email marketing tools or website. There are many email marketing tools on the Internet that you can use to send marketing emails to thousands of people at once. Some of the tools are –

  1. FeedBurner
  2. Mailchimp
  3. SendPress (WordPress Plugin)
  4. Drip
  5. MailerLite

These are free and best EM tools. If you search on google you will find many free email marketing tools and websites. There are basically two rules for email marketing. One are FREE and others is PAID.

1. FREE Email Marketing

The most important thing in email marketing is, email list or email contacts. That means, you need to submit the email id of those to whom you send the email. Many lists of email IDs that are submitted together are called email lists or mailing lists. And, for email marketing, you have to first submit the email id of many people. Then, you can send them an email.

Then, you can submit your email list or contacts one by one for free through your blog or website. If you have a blog or website, you can ask people to join your email list through the “Blog Subscription” option or the “Newsletter” option. Whenever people give their names and email IDs and add themselves to my email list, they will get all my blog articles or blog posts via email. Beyond that, whatever email I want to send to them, they will receive it in their own mail.

That way, I get a lot of people’s email IDs for free. Then, wherever I want them, I can marketing to them of my product, product, service, article or video via email. This is how all the big companies collect email from thousands of peoples email address through their own website or blog newsletter / email list. Then when they are happy about their own product or service, they promote or marketing via email.

2. Paid Email Marketing

I wouldn’t say too much about paid marketing. Because, in paid marketing you have to buy thousands of email contacts from some websites or online tools. You can buy a lot of people’s email ID for spending some money. Once you buy the email address, you can promote your business or product to thousands of people using the email marketing tools discussed above.

So, What is email marketing? How to do it and What will it do with Email Marketing? – You may have understood better about them now. All you have to do is :

  1. Register for some free email marketing tools or websites.
  2. It’s important to have a business email id yourself. For example, our business email id is “contact@themefest.net”. You need to have an ID from which you can send people mail.
  3. Free or paid by any means, collect email IDs for many people and add them to their own email list.
  4. Then finally, by using email marketing tools, sending an email to a subscriber or email contacts on your email list. Promoting or advertising your product, blog, offer or business.

If you use this marketing via email correctly, I know you will get many customers or visitors for your business. This is one of the most important and profitable ways of digital marketing today.

A designer, blogger, marketer and day dreamer. Since 2012 I have been involved in the world of designing. Designsfest is essentially about designing and I have the intention of being involved.


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