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How to Earn Money Online through Data Entry

It is very easy to earn money online through data entry. Especially for those who want to earn money a living at home. There are currently numerous data entry jobs online and offline. There are also various media or sources for earn money online in data entry work. We are discussing a few ways here that will encourage you to work on data entry and find a job search source. Here are some of the tasks that can be easily earn money online through data entry.

Data Entry for Different Organizations

There are many marketplaces websites now that offer data entry work for different companies or organizations, or data entry work is available from these websites. One of these is the Fiverr. Fiverr is a popular and best freelance marketplace, with thousands of jobs available every day, with plenty of data entry work. You can open an account of your own and can find data entry work here.

There are thousands of people who are earn money online by doing data entry works with Fiverr. You can join Fiverr and showcase your skills as a data entry operator. So that people can find you and you can work on rent. Whatever you do at Fiverr, you can earn at least $ 5 for each job. From here, you can easily earn about $150 to $200 per month though data entry works.

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Captcha Entry

For those who work online data entry, many of them also do Captcha entry work. If you have good typing speed, you can become a CAPTCHA entry worker and earn 200+ usd monthly. However, your typing speed should be good for Captcha entry work. If you have good typing speed, you can earn 8 to 10 dollars a day for working 2 hours. Captcha entry is a great way to earn freelance work as a student. There are several websites where you can earn, such as MegaTypers, ProTypers, Kolotibablo, FastTypers etc.

Audio to Data Entry

You have to listen to an audio and write them in a word file. The audio must be heard very well for data entry. And this requires your listening skills that not everyone has. In addition, your English must be very good so that you can understand one word. You can find many Transcription jobs in Upwork.

E-mail Processing

E-mail processing is a highly regarded data entry task. Here you find their content and to check e-mails, hundreds of e-mails need to be processed daily by listing in an Excel spreadsheet. If you are able to process thousands of email and categorize it, you will be able to earn enough from it. You can find many E-mail Processing jobs in Upwork.

Micro Job

Micro jobs are a great way to earn a job for those looking for a job related to typing. You can join as a worker at micro-job sites. You can make money by working on simple tasks. This is easier said than done. Because it does not require any prior experience. You can find some Micro-job works in Upwork.

Data Entry on Web-based Systems

For this type of data entry, you need to write information from a variety of product catalogs to a web-based system. You will need to read the legal categories or the data badges associated with the insurance claims and write them in a word file or an Excel spreadsheet. For this type of work you may be asked to enter data such as automobile registration number, owner’s name, contact details, etc.

Customized Data Entry

There are many customized data entry jobs, where you have to work according to the training provided by your tenant. You will be trained for a specific job and asked to work the same way. This kind of work is available offline, where you have to get out of the house and work.

The Internet is the best place where you can find offline and online data entry work. You can search for different types of data entry tasks, depending on your expertise. You can search for data entry work such as plain data entry, text image text, captcha entry, form fill, treatment transcription etc.

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