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Digital Marketing – Types, Advantages & Profits

As you may know, today is the era of Digital, and if you still don’t know what “Digital Marketing is” then you may be lagging behind. That’s why it’s so important for you to know about Digital Marketing. If you are a businessman, knowing this will help you a lot. And by knowing about digital marketing, you can take your business to the forefront of many improvements. Today, if you want to get quick success in your business, Digital Marketing can be an important factor in your success.

Digital Marketing is a marketing method by which we can market or promote any product or service to millions of people at any given time. Beyond that, if you’re looking for customers for your products, online services, or offline business, then through digital marketing you can get a much lower cost targeted customer. Today, for the sake of digital marketing, all small or big companies are marketing or promoting their own products to their “targeted customers” and they are increasing their business day by day.

Previously, people or companies used to advertise or promote an advertisement in a place where the crowd was high. Advertising was displayed in areas where people had more opportunities to focus or meditate. For example, Radio, TV or Roadside. They used many such advertising rules.

But, today you will find the most crowded or the number of people on social media and the Internet. So, nowadays if your product or service is to be advertised or marketed to millions of people within a very short period of time, forget your old marketing rules then you need to go ahead with digital marketing. So today, I will tell you all about digital marketing, how to use it, the kinds of differences, and the benefits.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital and Marketing, there are two different words. In this case, Digital means a technology that refers to electronic technology through a computer or any electronic device that is specifically connected to the Internet network. And, marketing means promoting any business, product, service, or personal purpose to the customer using different ways. This is for promotion so that people can buy the product you are promoting or people will know about your business.

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Digital Marketing means all kinds of marketing or promotion efforts or mediums, which are especially possible using an electronic device or the Internet. Today many companies or businesses are using this digital marketing as a way of achieving their objectives. These sections are specifically about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Email, Online Advertising (PPC), and a Website of your own.

By using these methods today, any company is promoting or marketing their product in any city or village at the very low cost of their business or product and getting targeted customers through the Internet. This is “Digital Marketing” and it is one of the most powerful ways of marketing today. Today the number of people using the Internet has increased a lot and in the coming years, its use will increase. People today find or search for anything on the Internet, watch videos or spend their time on social media sites. Today, people cannot afford continuous use of the Internet.

By using different methods, you can connect with the customer or target customer associated with your business, from where they spend more time online to the Internet. Using its various marketing tools, such as Email marketing, Digital advertising (PPC), Social media marketing, Search engine, or Blog/website you can create your own business brand.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

Companies or business owners can market their products or service online using many processes. They are some best ways:


Search Engine Marketing: As you may have noticed many times when we do some search through Google search, you will see ads within the first 3 to 5 search engine results. [Ad] words are written before these search results. This is how many companies or business owners show ads on Google search engine through Google Adwords and marketing of your product or service through a blog or website is called Search engine marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is a way of marketing where a brand, product, or service is promoted using various online social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram etc. Today, all kinds of consumers are more likely to get social media. Because, from school students to older people, everyone uses social media websites. Therefore, many companies through Social Media Marketing as category-based can easily get targeted consumers.

Email marketing: Email marketing is a category of Digital Marketing where marketing or promotion of a product, brand, or service is done via email. Generally, the way we email is not email marketing. Here, you have to write a good message about the service or product, or brand you want to promote. After that, you have send to that message to thousands of people via email. It allows you to promote any product to thousands of people at once through email. Today, many online marketers are using a lot of email marketing and promoting their services or product.

Video Marketing: Many companies or business owners today are promoting their business by making videos and video marketing on YouTube about their business or brand. When you go to YouTube and search around any company, you will find many videos of their official product or service. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google search, where millions of people come to watch videos every day. Therefore, making videos to promote any product has proven to be very profitable on YouTube.


Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the sectors of Digital Marketing, where different companies pay commissions to market or promote their brand or product on various online websites or blogs. If you have a blog or website, be sure to know what affiliate marketing is, how you can make money from it.

Marketing by Blog or Website: Today you will definitely find a blog and website of all types of companies. This is because today, people search the Internet for answers to all kinds of questions. Now, if you create a blog or website and writing articles to answer questions related to your company, business, or product, Then it’s a very good way to promote your brand or product to the visitors who visited the blog or website.

Now, you are well aware of the various types of digital marketing. As such, there are many other ways that are used in digital marketing or internet marketing. But, the types I originally talked about today are widely used.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

In the world of the Internet and digital technology today, if you are thinking about marketing your business or any product, then it is very important for you to know about Digital Marketing. This is because, compared to the ordinary old marketing medium, it has become much more profitable today. Let’s go down to understand the benefits:

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Digital marketing is the best and most powerful ways of marketing any thing, company, product or service today.
  2. It is possible to make a profit at a much lower cost than ordinary or outdated marketing.
  3. You can do marketing to your targeted customer.
  4. You don’t have to go anywhere or hire an employee to do this marketing. All this is possible only with the use of a computer or mobile and the Internet.
  5. At the very least, through the internet you can promote or market your brand, business or product to many people.
  6. This ways is used to the targeted consumers, and by doing so, using many platforms on the Internet, results in less time and good profitable.
  7. Whether you’re looking to sell a small product or create your own business and brand, this is rarely possible with Digital Marketing.
  8. This marketing is done through the internet, so it is easy, fast and profitable to spread your ads or products to people.

Career in Digital Marketing

If you are thinking about making a career in digital marketing, this could prove to be a great opportunity for you. Today, the Internet and its use have increased a lot and in the coming years, its use will increase manifold. This will increase the use and enhancement of the digital marketing process, and hence the employment opportunities will become greater for many companies involved.

There are many companies in which you can get jobs such as hosting companies, online advertising companies, web designing companies, email marketing companies, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, etc if you have the marketing knowledge or certificate. So, if you are thinking of making a career in this internet marketing, I think it will be of great benefit and you can take a digital marketing course from any institute and get a certificate.

In addition, you can learn digital marketing online through the Internet using the Google digital garage website. By learning digital marketing, you will be tested, and eventually, you will get a certificate, which you can see when you apply for a job. Beyond that, there are many online websites and videos on YouTube, that you can watch or learn about digital marketing.

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