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15 Best Tools and Resources for Web Development

Every web developer needs specific tools and resources for web development work. Many free tools and resources are available on the internet and make their work faster and easier. Over the ages, web development tools have also improved considerably and the demand and supply of web development work have come a long way. There are some best tools and resources sites for web developers that will be of use to them throughout their lives. Those of us who work with web design or development, need to use some best tools and resources.

What Are Web Development Tools?

As the digital world evolves, so does the role of a web developer on the Internet. When people talk about web development tools, they usually refer to some apps and software that allow web developers to test, test, prototype, or debug the code and interface of a website or web application. In fact, these tools and resources help you a lot in designing and developing web pages or apps.

15 Best Tools and Resources for Web Development

15 Best Tools and Resources for Web Development

The Internet has hundreds of tools and resources sites for web designers and developers. Using these tools allows us to finish a difficult task easily. Today I will share with you the 15 best tools and resources that a web developer should not use without these tools. These tools are very necessary for web developers. Those who do not know about these tools can collect. Maybe one day it will come in handy later. Again, there are many who may be looking for these tools. Also, today’s article will be useful for those who have learned new web design or development.


1. Bootstrap

For those who work with web development, Bootstrap is not a new word. Bootstrap is a popular web development framework in modern web development. This is an open-source tool created by Twitter. This is a front-end framework, with which you can easily create a responsive website. It is used to develop highly responsive projects in HTML, CSS, and javascript. The best part is that it doesn’t take you long to learn it.

Sublime Text

2. Sublime Text

Web developers need good quality code editing software for coding. The funniest coding editor I’ve seen is Sublime Text. Which is an editor suitable for all types of coding. It is very light coding software, which does not slow down the computer while working. In addition to its own style and benefits, if you want to take advantage of advanced-level coding, you can use some plugins.

3. Firebug

Firebug is now one of the most useful and necessary tools for web developers. Firebug is actually an add-on or extension of the popular browser Firefox. It can be installed with one click in Firefox. Firebug will present you separately the HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), etc. of a web page. With Firebug you can edit, delete and rewrite HTML, CSS, JQuery, etc. And at the same time, it is seen what the effect was.

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Icon Finder

4. Icon Finder

Those who work in web design or development need a variety of icons when working. The Icon Finder tool can be used to fix this problem. Here, you will find icons of different pixels. Also, you can take paid icons from here if you want. There are over 5.7 million icons and illustrations! So, when you use this tool, you don’t have to worry about icons anymore. You just search by typing the name of the icon.

5. CSS Minifier

Accumulating CSS files on the website often increases the weight of the website and reduces the loading speed. CSS Minifier is a very useful tool to reduce the file size of CSS and increase the loading speed of the website. Using CSS Minifier removes unnecessary space used in CSS files.

6. Place Hold

When creating a website we often put space for advertising. Temporarily, we use a variety of images in these places. We have to convert these images into different pixels with Photoshop according to our needs. To solve these problems you need to use Image Place Holder. Not just in the advertising space, you can use it anywhere on the website. If you use it, you don’t have to create different-sized images in Photoshop. You just type Height and Width.

Google Fonts

7. Google Fonts

Web developers often get into trouble using fonts. So most web developers use Google fonts. Google Fonts is owned by Google. You can use Google Fonts without any hassle. It’s completely free. The loading speed of the site using Google Font is also quite good.


8. Coolors

Coolors is an effective and useful tool for web developers, which saves a lot of time. It is a super fast color schemes generator, which can easily copy the code generated by any website. Coolors tool is available in all versions of Mac, Windows, ISO App.


9. GitHub

GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service that introduces the functionality and features of Git’s distributed revision control and source code management (SCM). GitHub hosts both free and paid. Personal repositories are usually paid for. GitHub basically hosts open-source software projects.

There are many benefits to using GitHub, including contributing to your open source project, field-test tools for any project, GitHub’s integrated issue tracking, working together, and managing distributed teams within the same organization or organization.

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10. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is an excellent and FREE SEO tool, through which we can easily get a detailed idea about the page loading speed of our website. PageSpeed ​​Insight (PSI) lets us know the loading time of a webpage. Data is provided here for both mobile and desktop versions. It also tells you how to improve the performance of this page. This is a free SEO tool from Google. Page loading speed is considered a ranking factor of Google. So, of course, we should think about this, and try to increase this speed.


11. Trello

Trello is a project management tool, a visual way to see all the work that you or your team need to do, which makes it easy to see what everyone is doing at a certain time in the team. Trello is a very functional, simple, and free tool that can easily keep track of personal work and professional projects.

12. Font Comparer

When choosing a font for a website, web developers are often confused about which font to use. The Font Comparer tool will solve this problem. Using this tool you will be able to know how the text will look in different fonts.

13. Browsershots

After creating a website or theme, whether the website or theme will support all browsers – this is what web developers often worry about. That’s why after we create a website or theme, we test it in different browsers. But, it is a problem for many. Because, how many browsers can you test it on? Do you have all the browsers installed on your computer? For this, you can use the Browsershots tool.


14. WhatTheFont

If the client shows an image or logo of font and asks them to use this font on their website, then it becomes difficult for web developers to guess the font. Use WhatTheFont, an effective tool to solve this problem. Here you can just upload an image or logo to know the font used in the image or logo.

15. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a nice browser extension for web developers. No matter what kind of web developer you are, color picking is one of your most important tasks. Using ColorZilla you can track any color of any website and copy its code. ColorZilla Extension is very effective to eliminate the problem with the color combination. ColorZilla is available in two popular browsers, Google Chrome and Firefox.

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