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7 Best Fashion Magazines you must follow

If fashion magazines not be published, whether it’s an online or offline printed copy, how do we know that American girls are now wearing what style of clothes? How do I know what is trending in Australia now? How do I understand the current fashion of the Indian film industry heroines? What is the life style of a country, what is the style of clothing, social thinking, human thinking etc everything we know though fashion relate magazines. In this article we are going to discuss the 7 best fashion magazines that you must follow.

Global trends change our quality of life and the magazine plays an important role there. The magazine is also our travel companion, way to enjoy lonely times. Well, you’re going on a long journey, if it’s on a plane, you might arrive shortly. But if you have a magazine in hand, time will be a great deal. And if you get on the bus, how much boring will you think! If you want to enjoy this journey, you want to have a fashion or lifestyle magazine in your hand.

What is Best Fashion Magazines

A magazine dedicated to fashion, all kinds of fashion news, articles printed, so is the fashion magazine. Magazines that highlight fashion trends, especially clothing, cosmetics and people’s lifestyles around the world, that is what we can call fashion magazines. In fashion magazines, that has almost everything relates to lifestyle.

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There are articles about different fashion brands, various articles on current fashion, pictures and information about stars with trending style, essential tips for maintaining body fitness, various articles about men’s and women’s health, travel Information etc. In all countries of the world, some magazines are at the peak of popularity. The number of globally popular magazines is not less than that. This is our list of the 7 best fashion magazines to pick from this list.



Elle is a very popular & best fashion magazines across the world. It not only focuses on trending fashion, but also publishes many important articles on all things public and secret of women. For nearly 70 years, readers of Elle magazine have been getting extremely colorful pictures on trending clothes, jewelry and various accessories. Also getting all the important information in the current fashion.

In addition to fashion related essentials, Elle covers Health, Entertainment, News, Politics, Career Advice and Male-Female relationships. That is to say, many important articles are published in each issue of this magazine on these topics. When it comes to the variety and requirements of fashion, Elle is a Mast-Read Publication. This fashion magazine was published from the UK and its publications relate to the work done by LaGardieri Cluster in France. Elle‘s headquarters are in Paris.



Vogue has always been at the top of the charts in the world best popular fashion magazines. It first came to the market in 1892 as a weekly newspaper. Later it gradually became one of Britain’s popular fashion magazines. In 1909, Condé Nast Publishers bought it and its content changes a bit. Specifically, Vogue began to focus on women. In all other things about women, Vogue begins to print diverse texts and pictures.

The Italian version of Vogue arrives in 1916 and is known not only in Italy but worldwide. There are currently 23 international versions of Vogue, which is being published simultaneously in 23 countries.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine which is widely acclaimed worldwide for style and Penaki. Started in 1867, the magazine has crossed the mark for 150 years and have achieved a lot of success. Operated under the supervision of Hearst Communication in New York, this magazine is most commonly read by girls.

Besides, the model, photographer, writer and general public has its special acceptance. Famous Writer and Translator Mary Louise Booth serving as the founding editor of Harper’s Bazaar, who has served as editor in chief of various magazines at various times. However, Glendy Bailey is the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar who joined it in 2001.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire

Marie Claire was first published in France in 1937. It was then published in the United Kingdom or the UK in 1941 with the second language, the English version. And now Marie Claire is regularly published in different languages in different countries.

Not only does Marie Claire cover fashion and beauty related issues, Rather, it regularly publishes articles on women’s issues around the world. At the same time, this world-renowned magazine publishes a variety of health related topics for both women and men. The magazine also covers career advice.



W is a popular American best fashion magazines published on various topics including culture, fashion, celebrity news, lifestyle. In 1972, Fairchild Publication founded this magazine which is currently being published in both print and online editions. However, it has no previous ownership, In 2000 Conde Nast bought it. And in May this year, Conde Nast sold it to Future Media Group.

Despite the change of hands, however, the popularity of the magazine has not diminished, but the popularity of this fashion magazine is increasing day by day.



While Allure primarily focusing on beauty, health and women’s health, currently its main focus is towards fashion. Linda Wells founded this popular American magazine in 1991. Within a few years, Allure quickly became popular with American women with 500 million subscribers spread all over the world.



As an international high-end fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine, L’Officiel has been at the peak of popularity for 90 years. Paris-based L’Officiel Magazine is currently published simultaneously from 20 countries around the world. Notable countries are France, Italy, Russia, China, Brazil & Singapore.



The word Cosmopolitan means International and the name is pretty similar to this. Because this magazine is equally well-respected by all models internationally. This magazine covers almost the entirety pictures, articles, opinions etc on various issues of women. Cosmopolitan is simultaneously being published in 110 languages from 35 countries around the world. Founded in 1886, the magazine controls the global media.

In addition, a magazine called InStyle focuses on the lifestyle of the girls as well as the focus on the style of the girls. This magazine published printed version and blogs or digital version. Recently another magazine called Jalouse has been published, which is not too long ago. That is, it is younger than other magazines. However, Jalouse is gaining popularity at a much faster rate than many other magazines. One of the main reasons for Jalouse‘s short-lived popularity is the L’Officiel group’s publications.

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