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6 Things You Should Never Do Online

In this age of technology, even giving your personal information online has become a ‘trend’. Many knowingly, sometimes at their own inadvertence, passing on their personal information. Where information should not be given or the seemingly safe actions online, are actually dangerous, many people are suffering troubles because they do not understand it. In fact, there are some things people should never to online, but these things are done either intentionally or unintentionally. Today’s article discusses about 6 things you should never do online.

1. Facebook Quiz or Personality Test & Other Links

Suddenly, it is not uncommon to see a link in a quiz or a personality test to scroll through the newsfeed. ‘What do you do after ten years’, ‘How will your future’, ‘Your face have any hero or heroine match’, Anyone who looks at these titles may think that once clicking the link, I see what happens.

For entertainment or to see friends’ shared posts, we willing to click on these links. Apparently the work doesn’t look bad. But in the midst of entertainment, many times hackers start stealing your personal information, then this entertainment is no longer entertainment. These quizzes or tests are sometimes forced to provide passwords or email addresses. This information can be misused if you do not test the site or not. Therefore, these links should be verified before entering.

Just because your closest friend has shared, or wants to know about yourself through a quiz, this logic is a symptom of foolishness with personal information. Moreover, it is often seen that various links and attachments are sent to the inbox or email. And creating such a situation was a symptom of a fraudulent cycle. For example, you got mail from ‘LinkedIn’. You did not notice that it was actually ‘LinkedIn’, but it was ‘LinkedIm’. And the diameter! deception became the work of the fraudulent cycle. All your information is left in their hands.

This way your own information may be lost. So, of course, do not rush to open these links or attachments without verifying the authenticity.

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2. Birthday and Address

Who does not like to receive greetings on his birthday? And in this age of social media, the desire to get online greetings remains among many people. That is why many people may give their own date of birth and date of birth on their profile. But this things you should never do online. You may have to pay a steep price to get the greeting. Birth year and address are the two most important information that will ensure your loss in the hands of the fraudster. With this information they can open a new financial account in your name or get access to your old account.

Abuse of your name can become very common when using various utility services, such as mobile and Internet services. The mails in your email account can be passed to the fraudsters. You also have to suffer for some other personal benefits that require a birthday and address. This fraudulent cycle can befall you without committing any crime.

Even using your name on your Facebook profile or email with other members of your family can lead to fraud. There is no respite. Because he has the most reliable information. So it is good for you to hide the date and address of the birth.

3. ID Card and Boarding Pass

This point is quite similar to the previous one. So there is not much to say at this point. You have important information on any type of ID card or identity card. If these your identity fall into the hands of hackers, they will be able to fulfill their own benefits. So do not give pictures of these ID cards to strangers or to social media ‍and certainly not the picture of the boarding pass.

Do not check financial account and mails in FREE WiFi
Do not check financial account and mails in FREE WiFi

4. WiFi

Nowadays, if you go somewhere to eat or to go around and see that there is no wifi, it would be annoying. Again I think it might be important to go somewhere on vacation while checking the mail or cash account, but there is no wifi. So you’re getting quite upset. Of course, even with WiFi, you can get into trouble if that doesn’t trusted. The free WiFi you receive, checking your bank account and mail, that WiFi may actually be a fraud.

Free WiFi gets all your personal information in exchange for using. So when you go out of the room, do not use WiFi? Definitely do! But with a little caution. Before using any WiFi, you must verify the authenticity of the service from a local staff. Moreover, if you do not have a password-protected WiFi connection, it can be dangerous to use.

5. Repeat the Same Password

In this modern age many accounts seem to be open on many websites. All accounts require email and password. As technology is improving, people’s memory seems to decline. These accounts are opened in order to improve financial transactions or communication. It is also possible to control accounts from any part of the world.

So instead of giving a different password for each account, people kept one password for all accounts. The password is very thought-provoking, but you can be in danger. If a hacker can hack one of your accounts, then all the accounts with the same password can be hacked. That means using the same password is dangerous. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to memorize many passwords. In that case you can use the Password Manager app if you want. You must first check the reviews. Moreover, the advice to write these in your personal diary, even if not compatible with the technology age, but its useful.

6. Old Account

After opening an new account on a email or social network, people do not open their old account. If you do not use these accounts, you should close as soon as possible. Because, if you are not regularly monitored, you may not easily get sensation if anyone use it unknowingly and you may be harmed. The fraudulent cycle can be committed crime by these accounts. Sometimes you will get stuck. If you use that old account password in a new account, then you are more likely to be harmed. It’s better to close out unused accounts before you get into trouble.

Source : Mentalfloss.com

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